Recruitment for Forty Banking Officer II Positions

Bank of Uganda (BoU) wishes to inform all those candidates who were invited and participated in the Oral Interviews for the Forty (40) Banking Officer II positions held in February 2020, that the first phase of the recruitment exercise has been concluded. 

The list of successful candidates can be viewed at the link below.

The final phase, involving comprehensive due diligence is underway.  However, the recruitment exercise will be finalised after the Government has announced further easing of the Covid-19 restrictions and BoU has returned to normal operations. 

The Bank of Uganda wishes to thank all those who responded to the advertisement and participated in the exercise. 



Monday, 21st September 2020

View Successful Candidates

This is the standard BoU Curriculum Vitae format to be used when applying for any job at the Bank. Fill in this form and attach it to your application when applying for the advertised position of your choice. Please do not fill in the form unless you are responding to a specific advertised position.

Candidates that use a Curriculum Vitae Format other than the uploaded format shall be disqualified.

Curriculum Vitae Form

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This is the standard BoU Curriculum Vitae format to be used when applying for any job at the Bank. ...

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