Media Inquiries2/10/17 8:33 PM

The Bank of Uganda strives to inform and educate the public on its role, mandate products and services. This is done through engaging our stakeholders by participating in exhibitions, making presentations to organizations and clubs, and the creation of public awareness materials that make it easier for the public to understand what, how and why we do – what we do.

All this is done to help the public better understand the Bank of Uganda’s policy decisions, operations along with providing them with information that will guide their financial decisions. If you are interested in having the Bank of Uganda participate in an exhibition or make a presentation to your organization, school or club; please send an email to   

Or write to Charity Mugumya Balaba (Mrs) 
Director, Communications Department 
Bank of Uganda Plot 37/45 Kampala Road,
P.O.Box 7120, KAMPALA.

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