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The Bank of Uganda strives to inform and educate the public on its role, mandate products and services. This is done through engaging our stakeholders by participating in exhibitions, making presentations to organizations and clubs, and the creation of public awareness materials that make it easier for the public to understand what, how and why we do – what we do.All this is done to help the public better understand the Bank of Uganda’s policy decisions, operations along with providing them with information that will guide their financial decisions. If you are interested in having the Bank of Uganda participate in an exhibition or make a presentation to your organization, school or club; please send an email to or write to the office of the Director Communications.

Our activities are embedded in the Communications Strategy whose key purpose is to align the Bank’s communication initiatives to its overall Strategic Plan (SP2022-2027). the Communication Strategy 2022-2027 provides a comprehensive framework to communicate the Bank’s mandate, policies, and decisions to both internal and external stakeholders in support of the Bank’s mission, vision, and core values as outlined below. 


“To Promote Price Stability and a Sound Financial System in Support of Socio-economic
Transformation in Uganda”.


“To Be a Centre of Excellence in Upholding Macroeconomic Stability”.


Core Value





We communicate honestly and share information with appropriate disclosure. We are answerable to our customers and stakeholders. Our accountability begins with each individual employee accepting responsibility for their actions.


We perform our work with diligence and endeavour to do the right thing even in the face of extreme discomfort. Each individual employee must demonstrate trustworthiness and honesty.


We combine our individual talents, strengths, and skills in pursuit of the achievement of the Mission and Vision of the Bank. We cherish togetherness, mutual respect, and diversity.


We passionately strive to deliver quality services to our customers, in a timely and cost-effective manner and seek continuous improvement through feedback and innovation.

The Objectives of the Communications Strategy are continuous improvement areas necessary for the Bank to create and deliver value to its stakeholders in the communication space. They are action-oriented statements which outline what the Bank must do to achieve its communication aspirations. They include the following, Strengthen Central Bank’s Reputation; Enhance the Corporate Brand; Improve Stakeholder Engagement; Improve Internal Communication; Improve Communication Knowledge and Skills; as well as Increase Usage of Digital Technologies.

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