This page contains time series of statistics categorized according to the four macroeconomic accounts:  external sector, monetary and financial sector, fiscal sector, and real sector.

The monetary depository corporations (Bank of Uganda, commercial banks, credit institutions, microfinance deposit-taking institutions, and SACCOs), credit outstanding, indicators of financial soundness, interest rates, and exchange rates.

The external sector comprises statistics on international trade, the balance of payments, and the international investment position.

The real sector has statistics on inflation (price indices) and leading indicators. Leading indicators are produced by the Bank to provide an indication of the short-term developments happening in the economy. Price indices and the national accounts are the components of the real sector category produced by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

In addition, links are provided to government finance statistics and national accounts from the respective sources. 

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Publications:- Survey Reports

The Bank conducts a number of surveys which include private sector investment surveys, personal transfers, and informal cross border trade surveys. The results are published in the respective annual reports:


  1. Private Sector Investment Survey

  2. Informal Cross Border Trade Survey

  3. Personal Transfer Survey

  4. Bank Lending Survey

  5. Credit Demand Survey

More About Bank of Uganda

The Bank of Uganda (BoU) is the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda. It was opened on the 15th  August 1966. It is 100% owned by the Government of Uganda but it is not a government Department

The Bank of Uganda conducts all its activities with the aim of fulfing itsMission.  These activities are carried out under the mandate of the Bank of Uganda Act, 2000 and other legislature.

According to Article 161 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the authority of the Bank of Uganda shall vest in a Board which shall consist of a Governor, a Deputy Governor and not more than five other members.