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1. Can an individual hold an account in Bank of Uganda?

No. Bank of Uganda is not a  commercial bank and it does not open accounts for individuals. However, we are banker to government and banker to commercial banks. So, government and commercial banks hold accounts with us. 

3. Can members of the public enter Bank of Uganda?

Yes, members of the public can enter the Bank of Uganda through the visitors entrance and they can access our banking hall for services. 

5.Who owns Bank of Uganda?

Bank of Uganda is 100% government owned.

2.  Can one buy foreign exchange from the Bank of Uganda?

No. The foreign exchange market was liberalised. Anyone who seeks to buy or sell foreign exchange can do so through commercial banks or licenced forex bureaux.



4. Does Bank of Uganda buy gold?

No. Bank of Uganda used to have a gold desk where members of the public could bring gold for sale but this service is no longer available at the Bank.